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ABOUT house chime

If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy product reviews for both home and garden then you have come to the right site at House Chime.

We are an international team who work together to bring you our up to date research to ensure that when you make your purchase you can rely on our information.

House Chime brings together experts in their field from our web-design office through to the reviewers themselves. Every member of our team is focused on ensuring that we offer reliable, current, cost-aware information so that you can make your purchase with confidence.

Our focus here at House Chime is to provide you with an honest assessment – our reviewers all work within the fields that they review, and this means that they know exactly what you are looking for.

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Our Team


Kyle Baxter

Kyle majored in Journalism and developed his interest in consumer rights and guidance through investigative pieces. It was a short step then for Kyle to look for a direct way to share his passion for information on good quality reliable products with people. To ensure that anyone could obtain reliable reviews for all of those everyday purchases he set up HouseChime.com.


Sandra Brown

Content Editor
Sandra is passionate about communication and works with the reviewers to make sure that you can trust and understand the information that is published. The challenge of working with Kyle to get honest, transparent information in an easy to understand format was something that she was really excited to get involved in. As a homemaker and English graduate Sandra is able to understand exactly what the consumer wants and make sure that any information is clear and unambiguous.


Sarah Hunt

Content Writer
Sarah is the newest member to join our small in-house team. With a love of all things traditional Sarah brings to life many of our short pieces on how to manage home tasks and complete the work in your garden. With an ambition to work from an office with a view of her own homestead she brings practicality and achievability to all of those projects that you may not have felt brave enough to try. She hopes that with her guidance and advice she can inspire you to have a go, they are often easier than you think!

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